OT – Bloggers, join Sverve to gain traffic and opportunities

Every once in a while I share something off-topic about work and life.  Hope this information is helpful.

I love blogging.  I started blogging for fun and never expected to earn from it.  When I started, it was just for me.  I wanted to share and chart about things I liked and disliked.  I wanted to make people laugh, cry, get angry, or find a new book, movie, or workout to enjoy.  When I decided to take things more seriously, I joined blogging communities to learn more about blogging and social media as business platforms and not just fun mediums.  One of those communities is a wealth of information and generally a good place for new or experienced bloggers to drop in.

Sverve offers a place for bloggers to connect, grow, and earn a shot at paid blogging opportunities.  You sign up for a free account, set your preferences, and start the search from there.  You’ll find other blogs and bloggers to add to your reading list and see what tips, recipes, advice, and laughs you’ll find.  There are over 20,000 members in the community and so much to learn.

Swing by and take a look.  If you join, please drop me a line.  I’d love to read your blog.

This week so far – not a bad one

Happy Thursday!  How goes your week so far?  It’s up and down here for sure.  I’m reading as much as I can about Fibromyalgia and, of course, grabbing another cookbook from the library.


I’m also testing products to review.


Soulful Essence rocks!

While on a three day juice cleanse.

suja lemonade suja green suja nutz

And I was so happy to receive my Beachbody order two days earlier than expected.

piyo 3 day

I cannot wait to be cleared by the physical therapist so I can start!

And then I discovered desktop issues.  So much for my Wednesday afternoon plans.

And today (hopefully) we’ll get by the North Charleston Farmer’s Market.

park circle

How’s your week going?