It’s been so long!


Hi all.  I’ve been a naughty, naughty blogger.

I haven’t been completely ignoring the need to blog; I’ve been blogging on Spark People and am a co-leader of Charleston Sparkers.   I’m excited about it and getting a little more conversation going.  I figure the responsibility will inspire me to keep making the right choices and for the most part it is.  If only my body would cooperate.

I’ve embraced my inner klutz with a vengeance.  In January I’ve tripped, slammed into a buffet table, and stabbed myself with a steak knife.  While the stab wound  is annoying to no end, I can handle it.  The slamming and tripping are killing me.  The current pain flare up period is lasting longer than I’d like and I think I’ll be seeing the doc soon.  On the positive side, the pain has not sent me into a full on binge, and that’s huge. 

Well, now we’re all caught up. Regular posts are next, including menus, maybe some recipes, and reviews. 

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