The Atkins Diet Revisited – Veggie Style


Back in the day ( actually), I started down the low carb path.  I ate more than my share of meat, greens, butter, eggs, cheese, cream, and other fatty foods the plan called for abd lost quite a few pounds.  I got down to my lowest weight in years on that plan.  And then I started cheating and fell off plan altogether.  Way off.  Back came the breads, pasta, cereals, sweets, and other carby goodness that helped me put on the weight in the first place.  It wasn’t that the plan was unreasonable, it was the way I followed it in the end. I got tired of coking and went after more convenient meals and snacks and bored myself into cheating. 

Since then I’ve followed other plans and it seems to always come down to my justification (in my mind) of off-plan goodies that sort of fit.  On Weight Watchers I’d justify high point meals by saying I’d make up the splurge with veggies and 1-2 point snacks later.  On low carb, I’d make sure I stayed under a carb count I had in mind and forget to consider fiber, sugar, or high fructose corn syrup. 

So a few weeks back I decided to mix it up.  Eating plans that is.  I’d experiment with various veggie-friendly plans and go from there.  Since the holidays are upon us, I decided to start with Atkins.  Yes, that Atkins Diet.  Back in the day, any hardcore Atkins follower would think a veggie version was impossible, but now that’s not the case.  There are several veggie and vegan menus listed in New Atkins for a New You , and complete details on net carb counts and nutrition as well as tips for dining out.  I decided to modify the plan a bit and started with a 100 net carb menu of my own design.  I cut sugar, filled the fridge and freezer with dark, leafy greens, tofu, cauliflower, cheese, eggs, and salad veggies.  I’ve left the Amy’s burgers for hubby and focused on the Boca burgers we already have.  I ground extra flax, pick up some nuts, and made sure I had enough soy protein powder and tvp on hand to make me happy.  And then it was on!

I’ve been eating really well at breakfast.  Omelettes with spinach, feta, cheddar, onions, peppers, chili, or whatever I felt like tossing in.  Scrambles – eggs or tofu – with cauliflower hash browns, veggie burgers, and greens.  Smoothies on the mornings I didn’t feel like eating and Atkins bars when I wasn’t in a cooking mood. 

Snackage rocked, too.  For the junk food cravings, soy chips, edamame with sea salt, nuts, and half an Atkins bar were the usual munchies.  One afternoon I made a pumpkin cheesecake snack with cream cheese, Splenda, canned pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.  Oh my goodness!  Celery stuffed with peanut butter or cream cheese is another longtime favorite that just happened to be on-plan. 

Lunch and dinner were all over the place – soup, chili, giant salads, seitan, tofu, bunless veggie burgers, and tvp loaf entrees were complimented with sauteed greens and mashed cauliflower.   If the family went out for dinner, I ordered whatever I felt like. 

I’ve lost 9 pounds so far, and I cheated a little with French Toast for lunch one night and a pb sammy during a late night study session.  I wasn’t going to stay on this plan for too long, but I think I’ll keep it up at least until December 31 and see what happens.  It’s awesome for people who like to cook and so much healthier than the regular version.  For me, anyway.  


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