Experimentation for art’s sake


It’s more like work, but I’ll call it art.

I write about veggie and vegan life in town and have been reviewing restaurants, cookbooks, and the like with gusto for the past few months.  Some reviews are published and others I’ve been holding back on until after a repeat visit. My weight loss efforts have stalled somewhat and I blame the good eating in part.  The other part is on my lack of control.  Mindless eating has been trying to run rampant lately and I’m not sure my heart (or body) can take it much longer. 

And this experiment I speak of?  Well, I plan to spend two weeks following various vegetarian and vegan weight loss plans.  Eat to Live, Eat for Health, The Engine 2 Diet, Atkins, and other books are available at the local library and in bookstores, so I’m going to test them and see which work for me and which don’t.  The variables I’ll use include actual loss, convenience, cost, meal satisfaction, and appeal to the family.  Besides, I already cook 90% of the meals, so the family is used to getting in more veggie food than not (even when they don’t realize it). 

What I should say is two weeks on each of the plans and not two weeks period. My grammar at times I tell ya.

I figured I’d share here and let you know what I’m up to.  I’ll still be testing various recipes and will have the family taste test if something I make is off plan.  I’ve adhered to strict plans before and not been tempted by the family dinner; I can do it again.  I haven’t decided which to start with, but after hubby’s fantastic pasta dinner maybe a lower carb plan might be the best way to go.

Peace for now. 

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