Here’s how my week went


It’s been stressful, but not bad overall. I exercised, ate ok, and made it through two potential binges. I won’t bore you with too many details.

I bought a pedometer and logged my walks and elliptical strides.:
Monday – 8,000 steps
Tuesday – 3500 so far (stupid pedometer reset during my morning walk)
Wednesday – 3672 steps
Thursday – 2200 steps (not a good day at all)
Friday – 4200 so far

21,572 for the week! Not too shabby!

I also made it through the week without Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb knocking me off my feet during their morning walk/run. They did, however, destroy dog bed #4, a pair of sunglasses, and a battery for one of s-son’s RC cars. Lovely, eh?

I’ve been a slacker about getting in a sweat-inducing workout lately. I have Turbo Jam just sitting here, so I’ve decided that I’ll follow the schedule for a month to see how what progress I make. I really liked the workout. I just feel strange about working out with an audience. Silly, isn‘t it? I like how it feels, but blow it off in case I hear giggles or a snide comment. It’s all in my head. My kids like when I exercise and have joined me. The last ones to giggle were hubby and my brother when I pulled out one Richard Simmons’ Broadway videos. And they quickly shut up once they saw that it was work – I challenged the slackers and they left me alone after 5 minutes, lol. I need to shut those bad inner voices out and get back to work. Feel free to give me a shove if I slack off.

Have a wonderful weekend! Get your grill on – lots of healthy alternatives out there that taste just as good!

4 thoughts on “Here’s how my week went

  1. Woohoo! You’re so inspiring! Way to go, girlfriend!<BR/><BR/>I must admit, Richard Simmons would make me laugh too. But, a breakin’ a sweat is breakin’ a sweat…<BR/><BR/>How much is a pedometer?

  2. Thanks! I found a decent one at Target for a whopping $5 – with tax! They can get pricey, but my dogs have a tendency to chew anything that isn’t out of reach and destroyed my last one.

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