Thoughts on my progress so far


So I weighed in at 226 on Monday. I started on March 7 at 238 and a few inches bigger. Here are my stats for the past few months:

5/1 measurements:
neck- 15 (down 1 since 3/19)
chest- 48 (same)
arms- (L) 13 1/4 (R) 14 (down 1/2)
waist- 43 1/2 (down 2 1/2 )
hips- 42 (down 2)
thighs- (L) 23 1/3 (R) 23 1/2 (actually a little bigger)

6/2 measurements:
neck 15 (same)
chest= 47 1/2 (1/2″ down)
Arm = 13 1/2 R, 13 1/4 L (down 1/2″)
Calf = 16 3/4 R, 16 3/4 L
thigh = 22 3/4 L, R = 23 (down 3/4″)
hips 42 1/4 (up 1/4 & my butt is higher)
waist 42 (down 1 1/2″)

7/1 measurements:
neck – 15″ (same as last month)
chest – 47 1/2″ (same)
arms – 13 1/2 ” R, 13 1/4″ L (same)
calves – 16 1/2 ” R , 16 1/2 L (down 1/4)
thighs – 23″ R, 22 3/4 L (same)
hips – 42 1/4 (same, butt even higher & rounder)
waist – 41 3/4″ (down 1/4″)

Another 1/2″ down overall! Progress is progress!

There are those who will say that I’m unmotivated and should get moving more, and I’m one of them. But I know my body and know what happens when I push too hard. It’s taken a lot for me to break free of my “all or nothing” mindset and desire to always eat the bad feelings away. I’ve challenged myself to keep exercising, no matter what the form, to find better ways of working through my feelings, and to not beat myself up if I don’t have the same results as someone else. It’s not about just getting smaller, it’s about getting and keeping a healthier mind, body, and spirit.

Overall I feel a lot better. More confident, sexier, happier, and healthier. I have bad days, but when I do I don’t beat myself up. I’m motivated, but tend to let myself become distracted. Right now school (midterms) and the home buying process are the distractions. The family wants me to get healthier and encourage me to hit the elliptical or grab the weights. I went biking with my stepson and he loved every second of leaving me in the dust. When he did, that is. I held my own, lol; can’t get beat by a 10 year old, lol.

I know that I am more than the numbers on the scale and the size of my clothes. The inner sexy hottie mama is coming out more often and I’m loving it!

To my Pound Losin Pretty Chicks, Skinny bitches, and those losing 50-100, ya’ll rock! Thanks for the motivation & support!

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