It’s official – I think I hate my dogs


Not all the time, just today. Well, any day that they decide to knock me down by slamming into my knees. And following up by jumping on me in their attempts to get each other. I’m sitting here with throbbing pain bouncing up and down my left side (already my weak side), listening to their tags jingle as they wrestle less than three feet away; oblivious.

At least I got in a little of the morning walk before I ate wet grass, eh?

My knee is wrapped at the moment and hopefully will be good enough tomorrow for walking. Instead of Turbo Jam I’ll dust off Walk Away the Pounds. Today I’ll get in some upper body work and eat well.

I’ve decided to start counting WW points again. I’m not changing how I eat, just making sure I keep my portions in check. And I’m cutting the caffeine down again. I’ve been bad and getting way too much of it lately.

Monday, Monday…..

3 thoughts on “It’s official – I think I hate my dogs

  1. I bought a WW kit off Ebay a few years back and updated last January. Anyone can walk into a center to get books, foods, cups, etc., but they won’t sell specific program info to non-members.<BR/><BR/>They have passports specials that pay for meetings. 2 months for $55 or something like that. Check online for the membership specials in your area.

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