Father’s Day ’08 – good times with good people, but crap food at lunch


It started like a typical Sunday – I took the dogs out around 7-7:30 then grabbed a few more z’s like the rest of the family. Around 2 pm or so we decided to take a short road trip to visit sis-in-law, niece, & nephews. Eldest nephew graduates from high school tomorrow, so we figured it was worth it. The weather, however, decided we were stupid.

It poured! Rained, thunder booming, lightening crashing, idiots speeding through it and a few slamming into the median. Gah! Visibility was low – no more than 1 1/2car lengths – but we kept going. It was one of those ‘we’re already halfway there’ situations.

Fast forward to lunch. I wasn’t really hungry, so McD’s was selected. I decided to have some fries (shared fryer = bad idea) and the family all had their usual. It was at a truck stop, and Subway was right there, but there were no seats for Subway and I’d already had my share of subs this month. Around 8pm we all began to feel kind of off. My stomach is currently jumping and rolling about. Hubby felt the same way before he fell asleep. The kids and their cast iron bellies are fine. I know better than to let them grab that stuff, but I decided that I would not be the food police 24/7. When we go out, we vote on where to go and they won. We all lost, though.

Dinner was much, much better. We went to an old fav, Waffle House! I had a double order of hash browns with peppers & onions (then splashed on some picante sauce – yum), coffee, water, & a bottle of hot & spicy V-8. Yes, I go spicy when I have an upset stomach and it works well for me.

We finally rolled back in at 1:23 am and the family is asleep – everyone but me and the dogs. Hubby loved his Daddy’s Day. He scored The Boondocks season 2, the traditional t-shirt, and a funky card. We also let him sleep until 11, which he apparently needed because he was feeling great when he finally got to moving.

Sigh, Monday….

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