Monday = ick


I still feel like crap and am not sure how long this will last. I hate it, that’s for sure.

Food was ok today – kept it simple and on the bland side. No coffee. Lots of water. Portions in check. I forgot to have dandelion tea, so I think I’ll brew a cup while I take the dogs on their last walk.

The kids have been good with me, but snarky with each other. How uncomfortable would I be if I slept in the car tonight? Is it wrong to wish that school was in session for them year round?

Exercise was non-existent, but then again I haven’t been taking days off or burning the calories like I should. It’s been so very hot, busy, crazy. I get at least 40 minutes each day with the dogs, walking about 2 1/2 MPH for most of it. I need to jump on the elliptical for at least 10 minutes each in the am and afternoon to help shake thing up a bit.

But for now, I’m going to get that tea on, get the dogs out, kiss the snarky ones goodnight, & make the sleeping hubby give up my side of the bed.

2 thoughts on “Monday = ick

  1. Thanks. I’m not going to ‘exercise’ as much as just move more. The thought of hitting the elliptical wears me out some days but playing football with the kids or running with the dogs doesn’t. Go figure.

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