Ah, Saturday!


It was a semi-crappy day. I didn’t sleep well Friday night and am not sure why. Could it have been the assignments looming that I hadn’t quite finished? Maybe, but I finished everything and turned them in on time. Sort of. I had a laptop malfunction and Ms. Brainiac here did not back up anything. Why? Because I took it for granted that everything would be ok. I’m usually paranoid about my work, but for some reason today I was blase’. Won’t make that mistake again this session.

Food wise it was good. I started with a smoothie made with particularly juicy pineapple slices, frozen strawberries, and Shaklee soy protein powder. I skipped the agave nectar this time and it was perfect. I’d walked the dogs for over 40 minutes this morning and started laundry before grabbing anything, and the last thing I wanted was anything heavy. We had dinner out again, and hit Fazoli’s. My choices include cheese pizza, fettuccine Alfredo, and a tomato and cheese panini. I chose the panini because I relished the thought of ‘maters, even with the scare. And I’d seen another diner’s pizza go out and it was crazy oily. I was not expecting the breadsticks, but ate mine, both of DD’s, and one of hubby’s. My sandwich was bland. Even after I salted and hit it with red pepper flakes, it was still blah. Sigh. I will never suggest it again.

My detox experiment will begin soon. I’ve been reading more raw blogs lately. I started looking at first to find soup and smoothie recipes, but became entranced by the stories of weight loss and improved health. Every raw experiment I’ve tried beyond breakfast has failed so far. Either I realize that an ingredient wasn’t raw or just caved and ate something cooked. I know it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, but I have a problem with moderation. And being the main cook in my home doesn’t help me avoid temptation. I hit the library and borrowed the Raw Foods Detox Diet. I took the quiz and am a level 3 according to the results, and should go for a raw until dinner sort of plan. I can do that, but have to remember to ignore my Annie’s Goddess dressing at lunch. I’m going to finish reading while continuing on my current plan, then jump on in. I so should wait until school starts in fall before starting so that I’m not as tempted by the kids’ lunches (their evil I tell ya, EEEVILLLE), but feel like I need something. My fruit and veggie consumption has slipped since summer started and I’m not really sure why.

But, it’s really late (or early depending on your time zone) and I should be trying to sleep instead of typing. Besides, I need to finalize the plans for hubby’s day.

Happy Father’s Day, dads, granddads, stepdads, and father figures! And to the moms who fill both roles.
Be well and be blessed!

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