So, how was your day?


How goes your Sunday? Your weekend so far? I’ve been playing with this week’s menus (individual breakfast and lunch and family dinner), trying to plan for a work schedule that will not knock me out of a general home stuff schedule, and staring at the cutie pup and cutie I married on an off. Can you believe we’ve been together for 23 years?

Anyway, for breakfast this week, the plan is to alternate oats with protein and fruit and protein shakes with fruit and greens, and smoothie bowls (protein with greens, topped with fruit and oats or nuts and/or seeds). For lunch, I’m thinking salads (hot or cold) with protein (beans, tofu, or tempeh) or soup if it’s not too hot. Family dinners are always the most difficult because pleasing everyone while sticking to my goals do not always align. I am not down for the short order cook life these days. Sides are always easy – a batch of rice, greens, and one or two batches of beans. I can see Taco (or TexMex) Tuesday this week and think a bowl will work best for me. I’m thinking red beans and rice with greens will be a nice dinner on Monday or Wednesday. As always, there will be a leftovers night. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten. What does your meal plan look like? Share because your girl could use ideas!

If you want to chat about food or our anniversary celebration, give me a shout. You know I’m around.
See ya!

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