Chapter 53 is a go


Welp, it’s been a minute. I’ve been posting regularly on social media, so anything shared here for the part you’ve seen if you follow me. Here are the updates since January.

*Two jabs in the cervical spine
*A new rheumatologist, new tests, and new meds
*A new specialist for my hand/wrist/elbow pain and strength issues (first appointment pending)
*Increased pain, stiffness, and ability to function in general (thanks to pain, weakness, and cognitive issues)
*More daily screaming (pain and frustration)

And a big one – Chapter 53 began on March 30. I am now 13 years older than my dad when he died. I miss him and think he’d like who I grew to become. No make up and in flare central. Basically everyday lately, just a little older.

That’s it for now because my Saturday spoons are almost gone. Hopefully an hour or so with an ice pack or at least a nap will do the trick. Until next time, peace!

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