Review: Naturalico Speed Rope


I don’t always jump rope, but when I do, I make sure I have lots of padding on the floor, my awesome shoes on, and the Naturalico Speed Rope.

I loved jumping rope when I was younger. I did when I was a little older, too. My last rope had wood handles and was a heavy fiberous rope. I had to put knots in it to cut the length a bit so I wouldn’t trip and I think it wound up on the donate pile before we moved. I know the kids used it with friends when they were smaller. It was long enough for 7-8 year olds to use for team jumping. What made me think I could use it alone easily? Granted, the jumping was all before my back issues made themselves clear, but I loved it. It was one of the few forms of cardio that I loved.

I still need cardio and still hate most forms of it. But I do have a new toy to play with. The Naturalico Speed Rope is adjustable, lightweight, and comes with a storage bag. I can’t always go as hard as I’d like for long (doc’s orders), but I can break up my sessions with a jump break. I jump on the balls of my feet and only on double-padded floors to save my joints.

Why a jump rope?  I’ve realized that I can go hard for short bursts of time and love the idea of increased fat burning in a shorter amount of time (it’s one of the reasons I adore 10 Minute Trainer).  According to Naturalico, 10 minutes of jumping can provide the same calorie burn as 30 mins of slow cardio and these short, intense jump circuits burn calories during and after a workout.

The rope is very light.  It’s almost as if I’m going through the jump rope motions without a rope.  It’s 10 feet long, so almost anyone can use it.  Since I’m the only one at home interested in jumping, I adjusted it to the perfect length for me.  The bearings are pretty solid and have handled drops on the floor and snatching by the dogs perfectly.  I wasn’t sure I still had it in me, but I can still get in those cross-armers jumps and double unders just fine.

And thanks to the added padding, I don’t ache any more than usual after a session.  I do limit them to four a month just in case.  You know, wonky spine and all.

The fine folks of Naturalico provide awesome customer service.  My rope arrived very quickly and cs followed up to make sure I received it in good condition. In addition, the rope comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer guarantee.  I love it when a company stands behind a product.

Want one?  Swing by Amazon and pick up yours for $29.99.  If you need a rope that’s going to stand up to steady use, go get Naturalico’s.

Note:  I received this product for free but it in no way had an effect on my review. My views are my own.  

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