Getting started on a healthier lifestyle


Getting on track can take any number of paths.  Finding the right one for you is key.  Find your ‘Why,’ your ‘How,’ and go from there.

Say you want to get healthier but don’t know where to start.  Maybe you need to start over after an injury or falling off the wagon.  I understand completely.  Fibromyalgia flares make it difficult for me at times to stay motivated and if I slip into a bad place, I don’t just fall off the wagon.  I jump off with both feet and dive into the pool of Stuff that Hurts.  Getting on track can take any number of paths.  Finding the right one for you is key.

Before you find your way out, it’s a good idea to figure out how you found your way in.  From there, figure out what you want for yourself – find your why.  Why do you want to change?  Once you know your why, you can move on to how.  For me, I put on a great deal of weight initially after meeting my husband and slacking off on my fitness and eating plan.  I found my way back to fitness a few years ago and lost 30 pounds, but then my accident threw me off track in a big way. Add the additional pain and frustration of health issues into the mix and I find myself fighting for relief.  My reasons for change are to find relief from the severity of the pain and improve my overall health.  Those are non-negotiable.  Now it’s time to figure out how I make the changes that will bring improvement.

How to start on the road to better health depends on your personality and abilities.  If you’re an all-at-once type, then hit the ground running with an inclusive training program that includes an eating and fitness plan.  Go with a home-based program or join a gym.  If you need to ease into it, pick one area of concern and get it where you want it.  Start with a training program or focus on your dining habits.  Start dancing, walking, running, jumping, stretching, or punching and kicking your way into a less sedentary life.  If your eating habits are less than stellar, clean things up. Pick up information on clean eating, stock the freezer and pantry, and learn to cook.  Keep it simple if necessary.  Learn how to build a healthy and balanced plate, eat, and repeat.  I started with exercise before cleaning up my eating.   In my current condition,  my eating plan has to be on point because my training schedule depends on what my body can handle and recover from in a reasonable amount of time.

Notice I didn’t use the word ‘diet.’  Eating well is key, not dieting. Under fueling the body long-term results in weight gain.   Let my lifetime of crash dieting be a lesson to you.  It doesn’t help.  If the fitness program you choose tells you to eat 1,800 or more calories a day, eat them.  Your body needs them.

Alright, now you generally know what to do.  Figure out your why, decide on how, and get started.  If you need support, I’m here for you.  Hit me up on Facebook, Tumblr, G+, or Instagram for daily or weekly chat.  I’m still on my journey and by your side.

Until next time, peace!

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