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I have not made me feelings for my former doc private.  She was so horrible to me that I feared going to another doc even when my blood pressure spiked to near-stroke levels.  A few days ago we had to review health insurance info and physician’s info was required for our file.  We included her info only because we haven’t found a new primary physician yet.  While Googling her address and phone number, I found a review site and could not believe what I saw.  Several people reported similar treatment and she seems to have gotten worse.

Does that change my opinion?  No.  She is supposed to help patients, not ignore, abuse, or ridicule them.  She may have gone off the deep end, but that is no excuse for her behavior.  I do wonder if I could have saved some people from her lack of care if I had reviewed her.   But I know I was (and may be still) too hurt and angry to make my point without seeming like I am bitter.   I’m not bitter.  I’m sad and angry.  I avoided help when I really needed it due to fear of being put down and accused of being crazy, lazy, or just looking for pain meds.

Yep, still too angry to review her.


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  1. This sounds so much like my Dr.used to be like Sheryl. Going to see him, my blood pressure readings were 190 over 110.Because he didn,t believe I had white coat syndrome. When he,d leave the room, my readings would drop to 117 over 74. He,s finally convinced & I,m sure happy. Take my blood pressure at home now, and he,s no longer angry with me.

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