I love this time of year.  Yes, it’s somewhat stressful, but it’s kinda chill at the same time. People are a little less grouchy and my kids are particularly well-behaved.  As if one month of the super straight arrow role will make a difference on present day.

I usually gain a few pounds during the holidays, but not this year. I am moving down and keeping on track. I will end the month smaller and fitter than I started it.  My plan:

– Exercise 7 days a week.  That includes walking at least 3 days, Beachbody workouts, and yoga.  

Shakeology daily – as a shake or in a recipe.  

– Clean eating with one cheat meal as week – if I feel like one.  

This is a simple and effective plan.  Keeping flexibility in the type of workout will keep me from getting bored. Including a cheat meal (not a cheat day) in my eating plan makes it more doable for my life without guilt.  And Shakeology is a no-brainer.  It makes a yummy mocha, delicious smoothie, and killer vegan chocolate mousse.  It’s one less meal to plan and makes it easier for me to avoid temptation.   

What are your fitness plans for December?  

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