Two weeks into 2009


So far, so good! I’m down a few pounds and inches, learned to hate my pedometer, and discovered that I’m faster than I thought.

I’m at 231. Not a big loss, really, but a big loss to me. Six pounds down since I started paying closer attention to how I eat and went back to my veggie ways.

Didn’t I mention that I backslid? Yes, I ate meat a few times after Christmas. All kinds of meat including a meat lover’s pizza. I felt just heavy and oily. I know I didn’t always choose the leanest cuts of meat, but even when I did I felt heavy. You know how it feels when you’ve eaten too much bread? Bloated and overstuffed? I felt like that when I ate meat, no matter how balanced my meals.

I cut all meat out starting last Saturday and have felt so much better since. Yay veggie!

On to the pedometer and my walking speed. I started taking laps around the neighborhood in either the morning after seeing DD off to school or afternoon. I took my pedometer with me once so I could measure the distance. My pedometer read 1/4 mile. Well, this evening we drove around the neighborhood so we could check the reading. It was .7 mile. I took 2 laps in 20 minutes the other day – the only time I’ve remembered to time myself. I thoguht I was dragging horribly, but today I discovered that I wasn’t. I feel a lot better about my semi-broken body now.

Speaking of, I’ve been punching, kicking, squatting, and shaking my butt on a regular basis. It feels good, but it’s still cardio – which I hate. Deeply, truly, passionately hate. But, as long as hubby gets on my nerves, I can picture his face as my target.

Before you get all out of whack, I’m not going to really hit him. I’m not violent. I just have a semi-violent imagination at times. It’s healthy.

I will reach my goals, dangit, and have already reached one – I can wear more of the gorgeous tops I bought in size 18-20! That is a big deal to me and I am celebrating. A few weeks ago I couldn’t do that.

Every inch and pound loss is worth celebrating. Every (refillable) bottle of water finished is worth celebrating. Every day I eat well is worth celebrating.

Be well.

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