A week after weighing and measuring


I’m still annoyed by those measurements, but still energized by them. I’ve been getting in more protein and less refined carbs. I’m not going back to my ultra low carb days, just getting more balance in my food. And keeping portions under control.

I think I’m annoying hubby a bit. Even my junk food runs have been healthier – veggie sub at Subway, no cheese, vinegar, no oil. Fresco style bean burrito at Taco Bell. It makes him crazy. This afternoon when DD offered her last slice of pizza to us, hubby told her I wanted it. I told her I didn’t and to just put it away from later if hubster wasn’t interested. It’s typical of the routine when I’m eating differently. I’m not thrilled about it, but I’m used to it. He only gets this way when he’s feeling like making a change in his habits. He doesn’t like eating alone and sometimes considers it eating alone of I’m eating something different.

He makes me tired, but I love him.

I have a knot in my shoulder that refuses to quit, so exercise has consisted of the modified yoga and pilates routine and watching the dogs race around the yard. Yep, I let them run instead of walking them; sue me.

So far so good as far as food today. I’m getting in lots of veggies and protein and small amounts of fat (only what was used in cooking and occurs naturally in the ingredients). I’m not sure what we’ll have for dinner tonight, but the rest of the day has gone like this –

B: 1/4 c scrambled tofu, 1/4 cup veggie/nut burger, jalapeno, 2 TBS diced tomato, TBS shredded cheddar; cinnamon flax muffin; decaf, water, supplements

L: Tandoori tofu, sauteed spinach-onion-garlic; cup veggie soup

Hubby’s not thrilled with the low sodium levels, but my heart is thanking me. I’m craving sugar and am not sure what I’m going to do about it. We’re headed grocery shopping in a bit and I’m going to throw Greek yogurt into the cart. I love this stuff! 1/4 to 1/2 cup of it with some fruit, ground flax, and drizzle (or sprinkle) of a sweetener is so very good. It feels decadent and that helps trick these jaded taste buds of mine.

Did I mention that I’m reducing caffeine again? Yep, 1 cup of regular only, and that’s only when we’re out. At home it’s either 3/4 decaf or full decaf. Hubby hasn’t realized it yet. He’s up when he’s up and crashes at the drop of a hat.

Hubster is actually ready to go, so I’m out for now. Here’s to a great week!

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