So much for playtime, eh?


Settling in has been a bigger job than anticipated. We decided to paint the dining and living rooms later and hubby has been looking at new colors! I might have to strangle him of he changes on me since it took forever to choose the colors we did. He’s thinking about wainscoting again because he saw one that jumped out at him. Never mind that it doesn’t quite fit with our decor….Men I tell ya!

On the health front, I’ve had good and bad days. I cannot exercise for more than a few minutes and am not allowed to lift more than 10 pounds. Well, I got cocky and moved boxes yesterday. Not because I wanted to prove anything, but because I couldn’t stand looking at or subbing my toes on them anymore. One the bright side I got two more boxes out of here altogether & got my holiday stuff into the attic. On the down side, I hurt. Really hurt. But I don’t want to eat the hurt away. That’s something, right?

I rarely have an appetite these days. I eat because I have to and nothing really has any flavor. I feel a funk coming on and need to shake it.

I’ve gained a few pounds – back to 228. I need to regain control and have been doing a little better every day. I’m journaling offline, writing everything down; setting and reaching daily goals. It’s not starting that hurts me, but staying on track. Since exercise is off the table for the time being, I’ll be counting points full time.

School starts next week and that means healthier food for all of us. More fruits and veggies, more balance, more harmony. It could not come at a better time! DD’s excited about high school & DSS is stoked about being a senior in elementary school. I’m looking forward to the quiet while I work, lol.

Anyway, I’ve missed posting here and will be back in regular fashion soon. I know I’ve said that before; sue me.

Until then, be well.

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