July 14


I weighed in this morning at 225. Yay! I love starting the week with a loss!

The landscapers showed up a little early, so the dogs will have to wait for a longer walk. They got in a few minutes of running about wildly while I limped nearby.

I got in my 8MM workout (using a resistance band instead of dumbbells) and a few minutes of yoga. I feel so good! I think the band will be a little easier on my shoulder than the dumbbells for rows and presses without changing the effectiveness of the workout. We’ll see.

I had cereal for breakfast for the first time in weeks. It was yummy! I used to grab a bowl at night if I felt the need to snack. I should pick the habit back up, especially since it was a whopping 1-2 points for the bowl (1/2 cup Fiber One original + 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk; another point if I throw in berries).

More later.

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