Change of plans, sigh


Turbo Jam will have to sit a little longer because my knee and hip are not having it. It doesn’t usually cause problems with my hip, but since me knee is swollen, screaming, and kind of crooked (damn dogs), I have to go low impact.

A buddy of mine is also on a journey toward better health and recently discovered 8 Minutes in the Morning. I have the book and followed the routine while walking up to an hour a day or popping in an exercise video. I was losing inches, gaining strength, and looking hot. I was following a low fat eating plan (not the one in the book but similar) and was feeling great. I only stopped following that routine because of my accident. I dropped EVERYTHING after the accident.

Hubby pulled out the book and restarted a couple of months ago and supplemented the routine with time on the elliptical. Lucky thing hasn’t changed his eating habits and is losing weight and inches. (Sometimes men just SUCK!) It’s hard to be completely supportive when his progress makes me a little jealous. I love that man and am proud of him, no questions, no doubts. But damn! There are weeks that I’m on target 110% and lose a pound while he loses 3. Grrrr!

Speaking of, have you seen those Slimquick commercials? The woman struggles with her loss while her guy loses effortlessly. They’re cute ads but hit too close to home for me to laugh at. Smile, yes, but not laugh out loud.

Speaking of laughing out loud, it’s really late and I’m going to get a fix of my new guilty pleasure, dumb criminal shows. Most Shocking is on and this episode covers stupid naked criminals. Then I’m going to fall asleep (hopefully) and have a good Friday.

Hope you have a good one, too.

2 thoughts on “Change of plans, sigh

  1. I know and it’s so frustrating! Hubby weighed in yesterday morning and was happy about his 3 pound loss. He hasn’t done anything! Grrr! I lost 1.

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