Tuesday temptations, oy!


Tuesday started really well, although it was hot again! I got in a lot of walking and some yoga, lots of water, only 2 cups of coffee, and ate really well until dinner time rolled around. I got in plenty of fruit and veggies (more than 6 servings today) and thought a little splurge wouldn’t hurt. Oh man. I had root beer (not diet, full sugar) for the first time in ages, and lots of fried and fatty stuff. I won’t lie, it was fabulous all around, but more fat and sugar than I’ve had in months.

B: 2 cups strawberries, kiwi, 1/2 c Silk vanilla yogurt, tsp ground flax; water; supplements

L: chickpea ‘tuna’ salad (mashesd chckpeas, Nasoya mayo, celery, kelp, & Crazy Mixed-Up salt), crakers, cukes & carrots; coffee & water

D: egg salad on rye with lettuce and locally grown tomatoes; 1/3 basket onion rings + sauce (a spicy, mayo based concoction), 1/4 basket fries; root beer; scoop mocha ice cream with hot fudge sauce & dollop whipped cream

Lots of water today

Ex: 20 minute walk (x 2), 10 minutes strength training; 15 mins. yoga

I’m not sure how much exercise I’ll get tomorrow since my back and hip are going haywire. In a big way. Yoga will be a big part of it regardless. And I think I’ll pull out the physical therapy routine. Along with the joint and muscle cream, ginger tea, pineapple juice as a smoothie base, and ice pack. Ouch.

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