Monday wasn’t a bad day.


It was crazy hot yesterday and nearly as hot today. My poor dogs are miserable because they loved their afternoon walks before these temperatures. They’ll adapt; eventually.

On the exercise front, I got in over 60 minutes yesterday between the walks, my group’s challenge exercise, and my usual. And I’m sore today. I’m heading into my monthly flareup and it won’t be pretty. I had to crawl out of bed this morning and that’s a sign that I overdid it on top of the flare up.

On the food front, yum! I had berries, kiwi, and Silk soy yogurt from breakfast, a McDougall soup cup for lunch (black bean & couscous low sodium), and a spinach, tomato (sadly canned), and fat free feta fritatta with vegan sausage for dinner. For an afternoon snack I had a smoothie (banana, strawberries, double portion Shaklee soy protein, & agave nectar) and my late night snack was a leftover slice of veggie pizza with extra banana peppers & chipotle sauce. Yeah, a naughty late snack, but it’s now outta here and cannot tempt me. I’m working on an assignment today (its due tonight; I’m such a slacker sometimes) and am making sure I don’t let the stress get to me. I have plenty of healthy sweetness and quick dinner fixings on hand.

I got pretty good sleep on Monday, but some was due to the crap night of sleep on Sunday and Monday’s heat. Tonight should be better. Hopefully.

So. how is everyone else doing?

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