Isabelle Grace Jewelry sparkles


Unfortunately, most of us know someone fighting breast cancer,  Pink has been everywhere this month and various companies promise to donate proceeds of pink labeled items to breast cancer research.  Some ‘donations’ are tiny and others are not.  Isabelle Grace Jewelry, a celebrity favorite, does it right.

Isabelle Grace Jewelry stepped up to the plate for Breast Cancer Warriors with year round donations.  25% of the proceeds from the Breast Cancer Awareness Line go to the American Cancer Society in October and 10% every other month.  Have you seen anything from the collection?

LaPunta Necklace sparkles with a Swarovski and barrell beads on a rose gold chain. $68

Pink Mystic Topaz Gemstones Bar Necklace is new to the collection. The 22kt gold-filled wine includes gold stardust rounded beads. $56.

The Pink Lux Mini Bangles set is available in gold or silver and made of pink leather cord. $45

The Pink Lux Bangles are made of pink leather cord with you choice of gold or silver accents. $68

The classic Hearts Alight Necklace comes in Vintage Rose or Crystal Rose Gold on a 16″ or 18″ chain. $56

Sugar Pearls is my favorite piece in the collection. This twist on a classic string of pearls is available in assorted colors. I can’t decide of I like the Cotton Candy or Dew Drops more. $120

The #FCancer Necklace is my favorite overall piece because it says exactly what I think of Cancer. Get one in silver or gold plate. $62

This is just a sample of the handmade beauty offered by Isabelle Grace Jewelry.  Check out the entire collection and follow Isabelle Grace on Facebook and Twitter.

Warriors, I’m thinking of you.  Kick Cancer’s a$$!

Yoga classes for kids at Hazel Parker Playground


Yoga is my jam!  It helps me retain and increase flexibility in my stiff joints.  It helps me keep and regain my calm when things push my buttons.  It helps me relax my mind and body which helps reduce my pain.  It was an important part of my physical therapy regimen and equally important now.

I understand that yoga is not everyone’s cup of tea and have heard many spiritual arguments against it.  Yoga does not always lead to spiritual practice.  Fitness yoga is just that, another road to fitness.  In a class, students learn to breathe properly while moving through a sequence of poses.  Students learn to relax, focus, and improve coordination, balance, and flexibility.

Yoga for kids could be invaluable in teaching them how to deal with stressful situations in class, on the playground, and at home.  If you want to try yoga with your child, there are many videos available on Hulu and several yoga and Pilates channels available on Roku.  Charleston-area people have an option available through Charleston Parks and Recreation. Registration is open for a 12-week class for children ages 5-10.  The Thursday class runs from September 10 through November 10th and is $100.  The 3:30-4:40 pm time is perfect for an after-school activity!  Register online or in person at Hazel Parker Playground at 70 East Bay Street Downtown.

Have you tried yoga?  Your kids?   ‘m about to get my yoga on at 2 pm.  Maybe you can join me.

Until next time, peace and have a great weekend.

You deserve a break!


National Break You Make Day is coming up on June 3rd. Chobani Flips and I want to recognize those deserving of a break.

I am blown away lately by the strength the preserverance of family members, both blood and chosen. They are gracefully fighting health issues, burning the midnight oil, and putting themselves last while working toward future goals. While they all deserve recognition and a break, there are three who stand out the most right now. This trio I have in mind fought to find balance between school and family and had to start over from scratch. It’s hard to decide which of this three deserves the break the most, so I’m giving them all a shout.

There may or may not be misty eyes right now.

H, you are one in a million. Not only are you my baby brother, you are one I’d hand pick as family. I’m watching you juggle
classwork, homework, projects, church, wife, daughter, and family. You’re trying to give everything to everyone and everything because you know what the end goal is. You have so got this! You’ve found your calling and the people you work with will benefit tenfold because you are you. You deserve a break.

Lolo, I’m watching you, from the bushes outside your window. 😀 You’ve had a craptastic couple of years and are rising above the crap and then some. The long nights of studying are worth it. Your patients and their familes will love you. Enjoy your summer!  Sleep, swim, read for fun, laugh, and love like no one else. You rock, mama! You deserve this break.

A; my twisted sister. You’ve also had a craptastic year. You survived part one and will survive part two. You have all kinds of opportunities ahead. Breathe and focus on them, not the past (no matter how recent the past). Congratulations, grauduate! Welcome, neighbor!  You deserve this break.

Breathe and remember how amazing you all are. If you don’t believe it. just look at yourselves the way the people who love you look at you. You all rock and I love you.

Until next time, be well.