A fun weekend so far – not really

Stupid Irene kicked it off.  While she just waved to us as she went on by, she may hurt some people I love and I am not feeling it.  Vibing for you guys!

I’m fired up.  We bought a few things for updating and making over our kitchen and I wanted to jump all over it today.  I wanted to start with the floor because it’s currently covered with a  pretty cheap maple laminate and does not match the hardwood we found under the carpet. And it was starting to warm and curl at the edges.  And we have some nice tile that will work with whatever countertop we eventually choose (but I’m pulling for Blue Pearl or some other silvery solid goodness).

So there I was with a plan.  I pulled up the board with the most curling and discovered that it was damp underneath.  That is not something I wanted to find.  I decided to cut a slit into the underlayment and found a damp subfloor.  We either have a leak or our dogs’ daily water bowl dumps have done damage.  Either way I am not looking forward to what else I find.

Why is this a post for a healthy lifestyle blog?  Because it’s been a day of work!  I got in my sweat time by loading and unloading stuff from the truck and ripping up flooring.   And because my mood over the next few days will be determined by what happens to the floor after I run the dishwasher tonight.  I may not be nice to be around.

Family, friends – you have been warned.  And I apologize now if Angry Sherrie takes over for a few days.


Still sore – Could I be Sherrie the human barometer?

Stupid stormy weather and increased pain seem to be buddies lately.  When a thunderstorm is about to hit, whether reported beforehand or not, I feel it.  A deep throbbing in my bones.  Add that to the regular aches and pains of my semi-broken self and you have a whimpering mess.

Well, not much whimpering comes from me.  The dogs, Big V in particular, whine and whimper when I’m not running about with them.  The nightmares about my legs crumbling as I walk do not help motivate me to move more than I have to.  Creepy dream, eh?  More than once now and it’s freaking me out.

Anyway, I wonder if I am feeling more due to the weather.  If cold can affect people, then surely storms can, too.

So can stepping in a hole and twisting an already aching ankle, but that’s another post.

Man I’m rambling today.  I blame the hurricane.

Be safe, friends.