Still sore – Could I be Sherrie the human barometer?


Stupid stormy weather and increased pain seem to be buddies lately.  When a thunderstorm is about to hit, whether reported beforehand or not, I feel it.  A deep throbbing in my bones.  Add that to the regular aches and pains of my semi-broken self and you have a whimpering mess.

Well, not much whimpering comes from me.  The dogs, Big V in particular, whine and whimper when I’m not running about with them.  The nightmares about my legs crumbling as I walk do not help motivate me to move more than I have to.  Creepy dream, eh?  More than once now and it’s freaking me out.

Anyway, I wonder if I am feeling more due to the weather.  If cold can affect people, then surely storms can, too.

So can stepping in a hole and twisting an already aching ankle, but that’s another post.

Man I’m rambling today.  I blame the hurricane.

Be safe, friends.

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