Do you use CBD oil for pain relief?


Greetings, all! As you may know, I live with chronic pain. Some days are much better than others thanks to physical therapy, learning how to move more effectively, meds, and herbal teas. Something else that seems to help some days is CBD oil.

I’ve experimented with the concentration over the years and have found 1500-2500 mg full-spectrum formulas helpful. I do have to take supplemental meds some non-flare days, so I’m going to try a higher concentration.

If you are considering giving CBD a try, do some research. I don’t mean random sites you may find or the sales pitch from a buddy who will receive a commission. Ask your doctor for sources, especially if you have a pain management specialist. My doc is willing to help me find solutions that do not involve heavy meds but does not hesitate to fuss at me if I am about to make an error.

You can start your research with Dr. Andrew Colucci’s article and review his resources. Also, check the reviews for specific brands on Amazon. You don’t have to shop there but will see what other shoppers think. I tend to start with the two-star reviews then go to three-star reviews. Those tend to be more honest in my opinion.

So, do you use CBD as a supplement or your main pain relief option? Let me know.

Until next time, peace.

Last-minute gifts


Can you believe that there are only 10 days until Christmas and two weeks left in the year?  I’m ready to say good riddance to 2021 and I’m sure aI’m not alone. 

Have you completed shopping yet? I have not myself and will be baking goodies as a gift supplement. Don’t worry, y’all, I do keep the goodness as holiday goodness and only tweak to make things healthier if ther are strict dietary concerns. 

If you need ideas other than gift cards, here are a few options. 

If you have an amatuer chef on your list, a really good kife is an option. Sam’s Club and Costco have decent sets available.  If a knife is not on your mid, cutting boards, a nice measureing cup and spoon set (skip the plastic), or an apron would be appreciated. 

If a book lover is on your list, you can go with paper or a Kindle for e-book fans. Check the best-seller lists and also take a dive into a beleoved author’s titles and pick up one that the gift recipient would love.  If a coobkook addict is on your list (hint, hint), take a peek at what thie addict has on hand and pick up a companion title or try something a little different. 

Do you have a gamer on your list?  Honestly, a gift card may be vest unless you have requests.  Witha  gift card, they can pick up expansion packs for a game they already love or pick up a game they have their eye on. Gamers can be particular about their equipment, so keep that in mind as you shop. 

I hope these suggestions help.  I’ll add another list of suggestions another time.  

Untl next time, peace!