The Charleston County Library Rocks!


Do you go to the library often?  I go at least monthly and am amazed by the wealth of goodness every time.  There are movies, music, magazines, art, and of course books of all topics just ready and waiting for me.  I mean, everyone.

I'll hit the library more often than the bookstore for new inspiration.

This is just a sample of the plant-based selection.  If your location doesn’t have what you want, reserve it and have it brought there.

Healthy lifestyle topics are available, too.

Healthy lifestyle topics are available, too.

I’m on my way over now to return and pick up more reading material.   And I’ll drop a few more entries in the Adult Summer Reading Contest.  Maybe I’ll catch you there.  

Reading helps me relax, and relaxation is required on my wellness journey.   Nice, eh?

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