The kitchen is mine!


Hubs has thrown up his hands and said I get to decide how it looks. I’ve asked what he thinks, what he wants, etc., his concerns pretty much are cost and function. So I get to decide and I’m torn! We bought the fridge and dishwasher shortly after we received the deed, so those are set. The stove came with the house and is in good shape and matches, so it stays, too. We have 35 sq. ft. of counter space, which seems awesome, but over the past few years it seems to have shrunk, lol. The hippie in me wants to reduce as much construction waste and possible while making the space mine. One thing for sure is I’m going to get the trashcan into a cabinet and not out in the open. And a compost bin. Anyway, I have the floor (in boxes waiting for installation for a couple of years now), cabinet hardware (also waiting), and backsplash. We’re keeping the L-shaped galley layout and the cabinets (original to the house with flat slab doors). I want to keep the green walls (forest green for now) and the shelves flanking the window (currently dressed with cafe curtains). The counter is the main thing, really, since we have everything else we really liked or loved on hand, waiting for installation. Including the new faucet. Gah. Eclectic sense of style is hot helping! I’m all over the place when I look at design ideas. I’ve pinned some, but have so many ideas bookmarked. According to various decorating style surveys, I have a transitional style – not too traditional, country, or modern. I guess that makes sense, but it would help if I could decide. I love to cook and think I just might cook more if I liked my kitchen. Until next time, I’ll be pinning and bookmarking and shopping for ideas. Feel free to share.

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