Exercise and other evils


Exercise, how I both hate and love thee.  I know I need you, but some days you hurt me so much I’m not sure if I’ll ever let you back in.   But I do, and I don’t regret it.  

Nope, I am not fond of that word, ‘exercise.’ It is, however,  a necessary evil.  When I say it’s time for exercise, I groan, grumble, and try to think of 100 other things I also need to do.  But when I say I’m going dancing or to walk, I don’t see it as exercise and enjoy it. Finding an activity that inspires me is key to getting me up and moving.

I love karate and obtained my yellow belt 14 years ago. Since my accident, I dream about getting back into a dojo and throw a little kickboxing in when my body can take it.  I decided to check out Tai Chi and Qigong as alternatives to karate that my crumbling spine and crotchety hips can take.  They feel awesome and I burn a decent amount of calories in 30 minutes.  It might be slow and steady, but it feel like much more.  I feel energized and strong, and those feelings carry me through the day.

How do you exercise?

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