Nothing like a kick in the gut to slow you down


In may case, it was a popping followed by searing, shooting pain.  I’m sitting back with an ice pack, counting the minutes until hubs returns home so I can hit the spot with Arnica.  Yes, it’s my back again.  Spasm central.  It makes me wonder if I’m cursed or not.

What kills me is how it came about.  We took down the tree, cleaned a bit, and moved the hutch base without issue.  The second I reach a few inches for a piece of paper, pop, shoot, sear, scream.

I will not let this keep me down!  I will not eat the pain away.  I will not drink the pain away.   I will meditate, medicate when necessary, and heal.  I still want to walk that bridge and will.   I have plenty of time until the race (and before the participant cap is met).  If I have to walk after the race, so be it. It does not mean I failed.  It means I’m being smart and realistic about recovery.

Now off I go.  Peace.

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