6 Days and Counting


The big day is almost here!  Well, our big days are almost here, Yule and Christmas.  I’m sort of at a loss because I’m officially on winter break and won’t have an assignment due until January!  W00T!  I still have to work, but I have a backlog of articles and blog posts ready to roll.  I planned ahead and it feels good.

We decided to do a fab feast for Yule dinner and brunch for Christmas morning.  The kitchen will be busy this week and I plan to cook some things ahead of time.  Instead of a table full of the usual heavy, fattier fare, there will be a mix.  Unfortunately, the final menus are still up in the air.  Greens, acorn squash, broccoli, rice, and bake (hubby’s request), and cornbread will be on the table Thursday night, but I’m not sure what else.  The family will want meat (meh), and I want a centerpiece of sorts.  I’m thinking seitan pot roast surrounded by roasted veggies.  I’m torn between the versions in Vegan Diner and Vegan Lunch Box.  

For Christmas brunch, it’s on!  Pancakes, sausage (homemade vegan patties), roasted potatoes and onions, broccoli quiche (vegan), and fruit are going on the table for sure.  Again, the omnis will want meat of some kind, and hubby can cook it.  I won’t.

Regardless of what we eat as the main dish, we will have a lot of produce to choose from.  And we’ll be together.  That’s all we really want, isn’t it, to be with loved ones.  It doesn’t matter if they’re related by blood, marriage, or in spirit, family can be bliss.

And now it’s time to get in a walk.  Peace, all.

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