I get them and they suck the life out of me.  I’m working on day three and it’s the worst day so far.  I am so not loving myself right now.

The headaches started when I was 12-13, but back then adolescent migraines were not diagnosed.  The ped called them stress headaches and recommended a visit to the orthodontist to see if my bite may be responsible.  Yeah, didn’t help.

Twice a month, every month, my skull tries to hold my throbbing brain in check while I have trouble seeing, thinking, tasting, moving, hearing, and sitting still. I want to sleep for a week when they come on, but that’s not possible.  

I take meds, but they are sometimes worse than the headaches.  Feverfew and valerian help more and don’t leave me feeling hungover.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know where I’ve been and why I’ve been quiet.  I’m going to go hide in bed with an icy sleep mask now.  

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