On injured reserve yet again


WARNING:  This post is negative because I’m feeling negative.  

It makes me want to cry. My back is out. Gone. Pain no matter what I do. I need help to stand and have to crawl into and out of bed or I won’t make it otherwise. 

I feel kind of stupid because of how it happened.   I was bending at the waist, splashing my face with cool water.  That’s it.  No jumping, running, etc.  Just fracking bending at not quite a 45 degree angle.  I’m a mess.  I can’t even splash my face without hurting myself! 

I want to eat until I feel better, but nothing tastes good or comforting. Depressing, eh? Not as depressing as the deadline that looms. 2 papers due (on Monday and Tuesday) and a girl’s gotta work.

Deep, cleansing breaths and peaceful vibes help somewhat, but not as much as hard core narcotics do.


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