TV, weigh in, and injury report


Yes, another fracking injury report.  I know how many steps I have, but every once in a while I’ll miss one.  Yesterday afternoon I missed one and felt something crack.  Nothing’s broken, but it’s swollen and oh man does it hurt!  On the bright side, I get to sit with my foot up a lot and hobble oh so sexily around the house.  Fun.

The thing that annoys me most about it is the timing.  I exercised five of seven days last week and lost a pound.  If I can’t exercise anymore this week, will I gain?  I hope not.  I can still get in some Pilates and Yoga, but cardio is out. Unless throwing the ball for the dogs counts.

Anyone watching Psych Week?  I am.  I was a psychology major briefly and continue to be fascinated with the human mind.  So far this week I’ve been heartbroken and disturbed.

Born Schizophrenic tells the story of a beautiful little girl and her family.  She was diagnosed at age five.  Five!  I hurt for the parents and little brother who love and fear her.  I hurt for January.  She can’t control what’s happening to her and I cried through most of the hour.  I’m getting teary just thinking about it.I can’t write about this anymore.  Sorry.  You should watch for yourself.  I dare you not to  be touched.

I was disturbed by Enraged.  Two people, a man and woman, discussed their anger issues while their families discussed their feelings about their loved ones.  The man flat out pissed me off.  He was completely disrespectful to his wife and sons.  He definitely had issues and anger was just one of them.  The woman’s story hit close to home.  She was angry, but I agreed with some of the things she was angry about.  Do mom’s get angry about our kids’ trashed bedrooms?  Yes.  The repeated questions?  Yes. She did go overboard, but I honestly did not see her as having anger issues.  I saw her as stressed out and  in need of a break.

Getting healthier is not just about physical health.  Becoming mentally strong is just as if not more important.  You have to deal with stress, fear, anger, excitement, and sadness in a positive way.  I’m not saying live in a world of cotton candy and rainbows, but in one grounded in reality. Learn to pick your battles.  For me, as long as the kids don’t have trash on their bedroom floors, and no food or wet towels in their rooms, I’m good.  I do expect them (and hubby) to clean up after themselves.  I’m here full time, but not the housekeeper.

Excuse the semi-ramble.  Pain meds fog is making this a little difficult.

For now, I’m out.  See you again soon.

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