Another pound gone, vegan pizza, and just wow


I have to make a confession. I’m in love. Go Max Go’s Twilight has captured my heart. It was so rich and yummy that I will happily save consumption for a special occasion. Hubby doesn’t mind. He encouraged it.

OK, with that out of the way,I have to again marvel at how easy the transition has been. Yes, I still need to snag vegan vitamins and supplements and have yet to find THE pair of cross training shoes that work for me (and don’t cost a fortune), but cooking vegan and omni has not been difficult. I wonder why I let fear take over instead of taking the plunge. There are two WAHM household birthdays coming (and four family birthdays) at the end of the month, so I think the real challenge is ahead.

We have had pizza twice since I started down this road, one a cheeseless wonder from Pizza Hut, the other was soy cheese, tofu, and veggie bliss on a wheat crust at Your Pie. I should have checked ahead of time, but I believe the cheese was completely animal-free. Hopefully I’ll get the answer later and can share. If it wasn’t, then pooh for not checking first. If so, then sweetness! Either way, we will likely return because of the quick service and flexible menu that made the whole crew happy.

If you want a chance to win Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, swing by Vegan Family Style and comment away. I’ve been following Debra on Twitter for a few months now and am inspired by her progress as she’s becoming healthier. Vegan and raw foods do make a difference.

Speaking of healthier, I’m down another pound so far this week, but my official weigh in isn’t until Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Hubster’s down another five and I’m trying not to be jealous. But I would much rather lose 1-2 pounds a week while eating vegan fare than five pounds while eating a SAD. I feel a lot better.


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