Sodium Hangover


I’m nursing the ‘too much sodium last night’ headache this morning and have my remedy soup on.

Yep, we had subs last night. Firehouse Subs. It was a new experience for me, and I think I may have to leave it at that one visit. It was very good, don’t get me wrong. I’m one of those who need to cut some things completely during certain times or I’ll order from the hormone-controlled part of my brain.

Sub with extra dressing? Sure! And salt & vinegar chips? Yeah, baby! Soda? No, but I’ll get some light lemonade with extras lime. Overall it was not a bad meal, but the sodium! I knew it with the first bite, but it didn’t stop me. I keep telling myself that it won’t hurt every once in a while.

But it does hurt! I’ve had high blood pressure since my daughter was incubating all those years ago. Salty meals spike my blood pressure and result in a hangover complete with the headache and dehydration. Fun times.

I did this. I knew what the consequences would be and happily went along with it. You know, the few minutes of pleasure thing. It was good, yes, but worth the day of bleah? Not even close.

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  1. Anonymous

    I know what you mean. It was a regular sodiumfest at the baseball game last night. I don't even want to think about how much sodium I ingested.

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