Accident prone? You betcha!


Nothing as major as a bathtub fall, but annoying. We have a 4 ft. tall cactus along the path from the front to backyard. I brushed against it unknowingly and spent an evening pulling spines out of my back.

Are they called spines? The prickly things on cacti? Hmm…

Anyway, I’ve had a spot on my side for weeks that would not stop itching and was a little swollen. Hubby swore he’d gotten them all, but last night he found one. In that spot. Yay.

Other than that adventure, things have been mellow. Hubby had a week off, so exercise that week was mostly on our day trips – state parks, the zoo, parks, and the like. It wasn’t the typical stroll, either. We kept a 3-4 mph pace most of the time.

Since it is much later than I thought, I need to get moving. Here’s to a great weekend! Cactus-free, baby!

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