Wednesday – another ick day


Yes, I awakened feeling a little worse than I had been feeling so far this week, but made a point of not letting the kids see. They had to tiptoe around me when my back was at its worst, so the last thing I want is to scare or worry them. I took DS and his friend to the pool (I sat poolside, practically salivating at the thought of hitting the water), took out a couple loads of laundry, walked with the dogs, finished grocery shopping, and did some cleaning. As soon as the kids pass out tonight I’m going to.

Hubby came home early to help out, but he’s out cold right now. He fell asleep while I was putting the finishing touches on a short assignment.

I finally think I know why I’ve been ick these past few days. Here’s the backstory – I’ve been feeling off since Sunday evening and it has not let up one bit. While hubby and I talked this afternoon, a lightbulb went off. Every day that I’ve felt bad was a day that i had this bread we keep on hand. We’ve discussed no longer buying it because it would turn within 2-4 days of opening the loaf. Well, I’ve made sammies on it every day since Saturday, and had 2 sandwiches with it yesterday. I pulled out the loaf and checked the slices – no mold. I got hubby to take a wiff when he got in (he has an incredible sense of smell) and it smelled like mold.

I’m allergic to penicillin and have been eating icky bread. Lovely.

The bread has been tossed, the detox fixins are on hand, and this girl is gonna flush her system with fruit, veggies, dandelion & ginger teas, lemon, and water. I want this ick gone, dammit!

Here’s to a good Thursday. I’m off work, can sort of sleep in, and am ready to feel better. I’m so very tired of feeling bad. It never fails – two steps forward, one step back. I’ve made it through a few high-stress days without resorting to comfort food, but I’ve been slowly poisoning myself. Woohoo…..

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