Two weeks into 2009

So far, so good! I’m down a few pounds and inches, learned to hate my pedometer, and discovered that I’m faster than I thought.

I’m at 231. Not a big loss, really, but a big loss to me. Six pounds down since I started paying closer attention to how I eat and went back to my veggie ways.

Didn’t I mention that I backslid? Yes, I ate meat a few times after Christmas. All kinds of meat including a meat lover’s pizza. I felt just heavy and oily. I know I didn’t always choose the leanest cuts of meat, but even when I did I felt heavy. You know how it feels when you’ve eaten too much bread? Bloated and overstuffed? I felt like that when I ate meat, no matter how balanced my meals.

I cut all meat out starting last Saturday and have felt so much better since. Yay veggie!

On to the pedometer and my walking speed. I started taking laps around the neighborhood in either the morning after seeing DD off to school or afternoon. I took my pedometer with me once so I could measure the distance. My pedometer read 1/4 mile. Well, this evening we drove around the neighborhood so we could check the reading. It was .7 mile. I took 2 laps in 20 minutes the other day – the only time I’ve remembered to time myself. I thoguht I was dragging horribly, but today I discovered that I wasn’t. I feel a lot better about my semi-broken body now.

Speaking of, I’ve been punching, kicking, squatting, and shaking my butt on a regular basis. It feels good, but it’s still cardio – which I hate. Deeply, truly, passionately hate. But, as long as hubby gets on my nerves, I can picture his face as my target.

Before you get all out of whack, I’m not going to really hit him. I’m not violent. I just have a semi-violent imagination at times. It’s healthy.

I will reach my goals, dangit, and have already reached one – I can wear more of the gorgeous tops I bought in size 18-20! That is a big deal to me and I am celebrating. A few weeks ago I couldn’t do that.

Every inch and pound loss is worth celebrating. Every (refillable) bottle of water finished is worth celebrating. Every day I eat well is worth celebrating.

Be well.

Can you believe 2009 is almost here?

The year has flown by! My kids are getting older and smarmier. Hubby and I are turning into old people, lol.

All in all I feel pretty decent about my progress. I haven’t lost weight, but I haven’t gained overall, either. I am more active and mae a better effort in keeping track of my eating and activity. 2009 will be different.

I joined SparkPeople. It’s a community focused on fitness and nutrition that isn’t intimidating. Food logs, day planners, journals, blogs, and SparkTeams are there to help you find encouragement, assistance, and give you a better idea of how you’re doing. I’m wahminsc there if you’d like to say hi. I’m a member of a few SparkTeams – join me?

Exercise today: Turbo Jam Learn & Burn; yoga

Yep, 10:42 am and I’ve gotten in a good sweat. It feels good!

Here’s to a great Sunday!

Sigh, Tuesday

Turbo Jam was fun this morning, but I’m paying for it. I think I’ll need to adjust my workout schedule thanks to my knee and no thanks to the dogs. I so want to be angry, but Fred is giving me the ‘I love you, momma‘ face and curled up under the desk, resting her feet on my feet. Awww. Demon!

I’m not eating my annoyance away, which is a good thing. But I am slacking off with my assignment, so I need to end this shortly.

The appraisal is today. I’m kind of stressing about it, but it’s out of my hands. And it being out of my hands will help me keep junk food out of my hands and mouth.

Here’s how my week went

It’s been stressful, but not bad overall. I exercised, ate ok, and made it through two potential binges. I won’t bore you with too many details.

I bought a pedometer and logged my walks and elliptical strides.:
Monday – 8,000 steps
Tuesday – 3500 so far (stupid pedometer reset during my morning walk)
Wednesday – 3672 steps
Thursday – 2200 steps (not a good day at all)
Friday – 4200 so far

21,572 for the week! Not too shabby!

I also made it through the week without Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb knocking me off my feet during their morning walk/run. They did, however, destroy dog bed #4, a pair of sunglasses, and a battery for one of s-son’s RC cars. Lovely, eh?

I’ve been a slacker about getting in a sweat-inducing workout lately. I have Turbo Jam just sitting here, so I’ve decided that I’ll follow the schedule for a month to see how what progress I make. I really liked the workout. I just feel strange about working out with an audience. Silly, isn‘t it? I like how it feels, but blow it off in case I hear giggles or a snide comment. It’s all in my head. My kids like when I exercise and have joined me. The last ones to giggle were hubby and my brother when I pulled out one Richard Simmons’ Broadway videos. And they quickly shut up once they saw that it was work – I challenged the slackers and they left me alone after 5 minutes, lol. I need to shut those bad inner voices out and get back to work. Feel free to give me a shove if I slack off.

Have a wonderful weekend! Get your grill on – lots of healthy alternatives out there that taste just as good!