On injured reserve yet again

WARNING:  This post is negative because I’m feeling negative.  

It makes me want to cry. My back is out. Gone. Pain no matter what I do. I need help to stand and have to crawl into and out of bed or I won’t make it otherwise. 

I feel kind of stupid because of how it happened.   I was bending at the waist, splashing my face with cool water.  That’s it.  No jumping, running, etc.  Just fracking bending at not quite a 45 degree angle.  I’m a mess.  I can’t even splash my face without hurting myself! 

I want to eat until I feel better, but nothing tastes good or comforting. Depressing, eh? Not as depressing as the deadline that looms. 2 papers due (on Monday and Tuesday) and a girl’s gotta work.

Deep, cleansing breaths and peaceful vibes help somewhat, but not as much as hard core narcotics do.


Tuesday temptations, oy!

Tuesday started really well, although it was hot again! I got in a lot of walking and some yoga, lots of water, only 2 cups of coffee, and ate really well until dinner time rolled around. I got in plenty of fruit and veggies (more than 6 servings today) and thought a little splurge wouldn’t hurt. Oh man. I had root beer (not diet, full sugar) for the first time in ages, and lots of fried and fatty stuff. I won’t lie, it was fabulous all around, but more fat and sugar than I’ve had in months.

B: 2 cups strawberries, kiwi, 1/2 c Silk vanilla yogurt, tsp ground flax; water; supplements

L: chickpea ‘tuna’ salad (mashesd chckpeas, Nasoya mayo, celery, kelp, & Crazy Mixed-Up salt), crakers, cukes & carrots; coffee & water

D: egg salad on rye with lettuce and locally grown tomatoes; 1/3 basket onion rings + sauce (a spicy, mayo based concoction), 1/4 basket fries; root beer; scoop mocha ice cream with hot fudge sauce & dollop whipped cream

Lots of water today

Ex: 20 minute walk (x 2), 10 minutes strength training; 15 mins. yoga

I’m not sure how much exercise I’ll get tomorrow since my back and hip are going haywire. In a big way. Yoga will be a big part of it regardless. And I think I’ll pull out the physical therapy routine. Along with the joint and muscle cream, ginger tea, pineapple juice as a smoothie base, and ice pack. Ouch.