Falling down and getting back up

Howdy, y’all.  It’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything here.  I’ve been active on Instagram and Facebook, but not really blogging.

Grief is natural.  We have to get through it however we can.  Laughing, crying, staring off into space – all natural.  Feeling lost is natural.  Feeling like you can’t hold it together is natural.  Grief is universal and individual.  Grief is an asshole.

Watching the people I love in pain has taken the wind out of me somewhat.  Some days I feel like I’m here and others not so much.  I wonder if what I’m doing is enough, but I know there is only so much I can do.

The grief has brought on a few days of mindless eating and tears.  Not just for the ones who left, but for those who left long ago.  I’ve dreamed of my grandmother, mother-in-law, father, and old friends.  Not memory-inspired dreams, but scenes of happy times with all of them in the present.  They have been both sad and comforting, but mostly sad. I hate that they have and will miss so many good things.  Graduations, births, new jobs, new homes, all of it.

It will get easier, I know.  If you’re grieving, you’re not alone.

The thrill of victory

First off, Go Gamecocks!  Nice game last night.  Sorry, Tigers.

(Remember, I’m a Cubs and Raiders fan – I don’t get much opportunity to celebrate.)
Hubby and I decided to start a friendly competition.  He joined a gym and focuses on working out there.  I work out at home but join him once or twice a week at the gym. I’m also eating cleaner than he is and having Shakeology every day.  We took our measurements on October 26 as our starting point.  We did not set any particular goals. Well, I did – I wanted to beat him, lol.   Guess what – I did! 

11 1/2″ inches lost overall (neck, chest, waist, hips, arms, and thighs).  
YES!  He lost 3″ and immediately said I won because I’d been working longer.  We started on October 26, buddy.  Suck it up and deal!  I love you.  

This is huge for me because he loses weight easily while the scale tends to laugh at me.   That’s alright.  I have what I need to stay motivated and focused:

Shakeology Chocolate Mousse?  Yes, please! 

  • Shakeology – every day.  Breakfast, lunch, lat dinner on crazy days, a snack, or dessert.  
  • A mix of my favorite programs – Tai Cheng, 10 Minute Trainer, Turbo Jam, and Rockin’ Body.   (And some are on sale right now for the holiday weekend).
  •  Nearly-new clothing in my closet that I love and cannot wait to get back into.
  • Visions of a future with less pain and better health.

I know I’ll end 2012 stronger and fitter than the beginning.   What about you?

Until next time, peace.