August is here!

Yes, it’s a new month complete with a new tropical storm (hi, Bertha).  Kids are heading back to school, tax-free shopping weekend sales are starting,  and the thought of a quiet house between 8 and 3 pm is making parents giddy.

Sorry, kids.  Well, no, not really.

To me, the start of a new month is time to reflect on the gains of the previous month and set new targets for the current month.  Notice I said gains?  It’s my way of focusing on the positive.  In July I increased resistance, speed, and strength.  I hit a smaller size.  I wanted to shop for clothing instead of just grabbing whatever I thought would fit.  It sunk in that I need to eat if I’m going to succeed.  No more drastic cuts to calorie intake.   For August I want to increase my aquatic therapy sessions.  I want to wear a certain top and have it look good.  I want to improve on July’s fitness targets.  See, all positive and also realistic and attainable.   It took years to fall apart and it takes time to fully recover, heal, and thrive.

What are your August targets?  You can reach them.  I’ll be right here, cheering you on.

Playing with booze at Charleston’s Striped Pig Distillery

Hi.  I’m Sherrie and on occasion I really like my booze.  Vodka is my usual first choice, but rum, wine, and a good pint work equally well.  Hubby and I were fooling around one Saturday afternoon and decided to stop by Charleston’s first distillery since Prohibition for a tour. We went for the tour and left with a bottle. 

Striped Pig Distillery opened earlier this year with plans for a grand opening shortly.  The beautiful facility is open to the public (21 and up) from 3-7 pm Wednesday though Friday and noon-5 for tours and tastings.  We were warmly greeted by Todd and our tour started. 

How gorgeous is this still?

Reclaimed wood and lots of light are everywhere.  Ingredients are in plain sight, too. Local non-GMO corn and molasses from Savannah are right there for us to see.  We learned how finely they mill the grains, how long each batch takes, and how excited they are about their products.  After a little ooh-ing and ahh-ing, we moved on to the bar for the main event.

Love the focal point!  A local artist whipped it up.    
Neat bar table, eh?

We tried the Striped Vodka, Striped Shine, and Striped Rum. We started with my beloved vodka.  I liked the flavor and warmth. Striped shine is straight-up moonshine, but with a cleaner taste than expected.  It burned so good.  Rum is something I usually mix, but I easily drink Striped Pig’s Striped Rum straight up. It is the best rum I’ve had to date. 

After all was said and done, we decided we had to have a bottle of limited edition rum.  Sorry if 43 is your lucky number because that one is ours. 

Swing by and pick up your favoite spirit from 10-7 pm Monday through Friday and noon until 5 on Saturday.  Remember, the tour schedule is different from the store hours during the week. Shoppers have t-shirts, barware, and spirits to choose from. I see booze as holiday gifts this year.  

Follow Striped Pig Distillery on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for daily updates on events like their packing party.   We’re sorry we missed that one.