Healing by any means

No, this is not another ‘no longer vegan,’ posts.  It’s just a commentary on trying work around meds and supplements that aren’t exactly veg-friendly. 

It’s a struggle,  y’all.  Not sticking to my way of eating, but trying to find vegan supplements and meds.  I’ve found many that work, but not all are veg-friendly.   Does it make me less compassionate?   No.  It means I’m one of the many dealing with this.

If you choose to judge me based on this mindset, so be it. Step into  body on a high pain day(well, week)  and talk to me afterward.  I’m doing what needs to be done while I find the optimal balance.

Does it mean veg-friendly instead of certified vegan supplements?   If the veg-friendly products work best, yes.  Does it mean dealing with meds that have no vegan alternative?   Yes, unfortunately.   Does it make me sad?  Yes.

I need to keep it together while on the journey.   On days like today, that means healing by any means necessary.

August is here!

Yes, it’s a new month complete with a new tropical storm (hi, Bertha).  Kids are heading back to school, tax-free shopping weekend sales are starting,  and the thought of a quiet house between 8 and 3 pm is making parents giddy.

Sorry, kids.  Well, no, not really.

To me, the start of a new month is time to reflect on the gains of the previous month and set new targets for the current month.  Notice I said gains?  It’s my way of focusing on the positive.  In July I increased resistance, speed, and strength.  I hit a smaller size.  I wanted to shop for clothing instead of just grabbing whatever I thought would fit.  It sunk in that I need to eat if I’m going to succeed.  No more drastic cuts to calorie intake.   For August I want to increase my aquatic therapy sessions.  I want to wear a certain top and have it look good.  I want to improve on July’s fitness targets.  See, all positive and also realistic and attainable.   It took years to fall apart and it takes time to fully recover, heal, and thrive.

What are your August targets?  You can reach them.  I’ll be right here, cheering you on.

Gone since July?

Wow. Sorry about that. I still can’t believe October is here and it’s nearly over.

I’m alive. I figured no one would want to read about my wrecked knee for the umpteenth time. Wrecked knee = hobbling instead of exercising. Yep, even my walks are off right now.

Food is as yummy as ever. I’m not vegan, but close. I make sure all packaged goodies are vegan – bread, cereal, margarine, that kind of thing. Dairy destroys me and is easy to avoid, but eggs I crave.

That’s about it on the health front. Being on the sidelines has been somewhat entertaining. Balloon boy, racist JoP attempting to justify his crap, Rush/Beck/Faux News/neocon loons – you know, the usual.

Here’s to healing, love, peace, and being ourselves.

Two steps forward, two steps back

I took another tumble. I forget that my balance is nowhere as good as it used to be and that I can’t be moving without paying attention. Especially where heights are concerned.

I’m at 231 and holding. In a week or two I’ll be cleared to exercise full on again. In a couple of days I can get back to the elliptical.


Dinner tonight: lentil soup (lentils, celery, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, soy sauce, and water); massive salad with mixed green, cukes, tomatoes, celery, pepperoncini, & either fat free feta or a boiled egg.

Change of plans, sigh

Turbo Jam will have to sit a little longer because my knee and hip are not having it. It doesn’t usually cause problems with my hip, but since me knee is swollen, screaming, and kind of crooked (damn dogs), I have to go low impact.

A buddy of mine is also on a journey toward better health and recently discovered 8 Minutes in the Morning. I have the book and followed the routine while walking up to an hour a day or popping in an exercise video. I was losing inches, gaining strength, and looking hot. I was following a low fat eating plan (not the one in the book but similar) and was feeling great. I only stopped following that routine because of my accident. I dropped EVERYTHING after the accident.

Hubby pulled out the book and restarted a couple of months ago and supplemented the routine with time on the elliptical. Lucky thing hasn’t changed his eating habits and is losing weight and inches. (Sometimes men just SUCK!) It’s hard to be completely supportive when his progress makes me a little jealous. I love that man and am proud of him, no questions, no doubts. But damn! There are weeks that I’m on target 110% and lose a pound while he loses 3. Grrrr!

Speaking of, have you seen those Slimquick commercials? The woman struggles with her loss while her guy loses effortlessly. They’re cute ads but hit too close to home for me to laugh at. Smile, yes, but not laugh out loud.

Speaking of laughing out loud, it’s really late and I’m going to get a fix of my new guilty pleasure, dumb criminal shows. Most Shocking is on and this episode covers stupid naked criminals. Then I’m going to fall asleep (hopefully) and have a good Friday.

Hope you have a good one, too.