Got H1N1? We do!

Not all of us, but the girl has it. She came home from school early on Friday, complaining about her stomach. By Saturday morning she rocked a lovely 103.3 fever, coughs, and body aches. Sunday morning she was officially diagnosed and sent home with a script for Tamiflu, a mask, and all the humiliation a 15-year-old girl can feel when paraded through a waiting room with said mask on. Fun times.

So far the rest of us are fine, but tired. Thanksgiving break starts next Tuesday at 3:55 pm and it cannot come soon enough!

On the food front I’m doing well, but stress eating calls to me. I’m craving sugar something fierce and am literally taking it one hour at a time. I will do what it takes to beat this!

Until later, peace!

Wednesday day 3

Whew! It’s hot out and inside today. I’ve been cleaning and packing pretty much since I crawled out of bed this morning. I got in my 8MM and after all this heavy lifting I think I may make tomorrow my day off instead of Sunday. Maybe. I haven’t decided yet.

Food has been ok, but I’ve had to make myself eat because I haven’t been hungry. For dinner tonight we’re having pasta with a garden vegetable sauce and a zucchini, garlic, tomato, and onion saute on the side. I’m going to water saute them and add a little oil just before serving, either a drizzle of olive or flax oil. I’d planned to make either pumpkin or flax muffins too, but it’s too frickin hot! Maybe after the sun sets I’ll go for it.

Where does DS get the frickin energy? He’s making me tired – biking, two basketball games, and now fooling about with his RC car – all in the three hours. Gah!

I may be back later; undecided.