August is here!

Yes, it’s a new month complete with a new tropical storm (hi, Bertha).  Kids are heading back to school, tax-free shopping weekend sales are starting,  and the thought of a quiet house between 8 and 3 pm is making parents giddy.

Sorry, kids.  Well, no, not really.

To me, the start of a new month is time to reflect on the gains of the previous month and set new targets for the current month.  Notice I said gains?  It’s my way of focusing on the positive.  In July I increased resistance, speed, and strength.  I hit a smaller size.  I wanted to shop for clothing instead of just grabbing whatever I thought would fit.  It sunk in that I need to eat if I’m going to succeed.  No more drastic cuts to calorie intake.   For August I want to increase my aquatic therapy sessions.  I want to wear a certain top and have it look good.  I want to improve on July’s fitness targets.  See, all positive and also realistic and attainable.   It took years to fall apart and it takes time to fully recover, heal, and thrive.

What are your August targets?  You can reach them.  I’ll be right here, cheering you on.

Wonderful Wednesday

Why is it wonderful? Because my stepson hits the big 10 today! I met him when he was 9 months old, about a month after hubby and I met. He was so quiet and serious. And gorgeous. Man, was he a cutie with his big brown eyes, chubby cheeks, and mop of curly hair. He’s still a cutie, but then again I’m biased.

He’s an amazing kid and I feel so blessed to have him in my life. He’s funny, brilliant, talented, and obsessed with all wheeled things. He’s been lobbying for both a dirt bike and gasoline RC car, but apartment living and anything that requires gasoline and needs to be brought inside do not mix. Once we’re in a house, maybe. I love that little boy! Sorry, big boy. Young man. Tween, complete with angst, fuzzy pits, and a few pimples.

He’s requested an ice cream cake (gulp) and pizza at one of the family favs for dinner (double gulp). Today is one of the days that I enjoy food without guilt, but mindfully. The pizza place is a buffet – nope,not CiCi’s, so I’ll go nuts on the salad bar – tons of veggies with fat free Italian dressing and a little fruit. Since they take requests, I’ll order a thin crust veggie special and have two. If I need something else, I’ll get more fruit or salad. And get in a little extra sweat time.

Tuesday night was well, interesting. It was a starch and protein fest! I had a grilled teese (soy cheese) on Ezekiel sprouted bread, then a cold cheese sandwich, pickles, and could not bring myself to have salad. I did grab some pineapple, but that was it as far as getting my five a day. Today has to be better, period. I need to snap out of this funky eating pattern before I regain any weight.

Happy birthday, R!