Keeping track on weekends

One of my fav lunches – chickpeas on a Greek-inspired
salad with lots of lemon juice

I look forward to the weekends like most people with typical schedules.  The kids are home from school, hubs is off work, and we try to do something together besides just hang at home.  I can keep on track with food and scheduled exercise during the week, but on weekends, all bets are off.  I plan to keep steady, but that isn’t always the case.

On weekends I can be swayed off track between errands and the lazier schedule.  I will concede if outvoted by the family on places to eat, and if I’m tired or overly hungry I’ll just pick something heavier instead of making cleaner choices.

Am I alone in this?  I can’t be.  Can I?

I know how I can get if I go too long between meals, and I plan to stash something in my purse to help me get through, but if I’m rushing about I forget.  And I tell myself I can wait 5-6 hours, but by that time I am heading for a crash and either get grouchy or shaky.  Either way, it leads to heavier choices, like deep fried instead of grilled or starch fests instead of a balanced plate.  I hate what I’m eating while eating, but while ordering I ignore the call for better food.  Oy.

But on the plus side, even though I’ve ignored the scale for a few weeks, nothing has changed for the better or  worse.  That in itself is a victory to me.  It means I am making good enough choices when I’m not really on track.  But it’s time to make better choices, period.  More greens, less starch, and more movement!

Until next time.

Confessional: I binged last night

For the first time in weeks I fell off the wagon.  I don’t know what triggered it, really.  I’d had a really good couple of days with food.  Really good – lots of veggies, fruit, and water, lower sodium than usual, and less coffee.  My heartburn was nonexistent and everything.  Last night I just lost it.

The planned dinner for me was biscuits and gravy and fruit.  I wasn’t really hungry and  the rain did not help at all.  I was chilly but not cold and just not feeling much other than sick (yes, still).  The family went with a take out chicken meal complete with Cajun beans, dirty rice, and mashed potatoes with sausage gravy.  I miss the occasional take out with them, but not necessarily the carb coma that results from the meal.  We still eat together, so that isn’t the issue.   

Anyway, I ate a lot.  After dinner I had a snack and then another.  Those ‘snacks’ were each the size of a decent lunch.  I didn’t feel the binge hangover this morning and that’s a good thing.  And food so far has been good – massive hemp and fruit smoothie for breakfast, herbal tea, small sandwich and chips for lunch, and a massive salad inspired by Black Bean Company is the plan for dinner.  Out of nowhere, my stomach has decided to go nuts and nothing else is appealing to me. 

Meh.  Anyway, the binge is gone, even though I’m not sure what brought it on.  I feel icky and want to sleep but can’t.  Sigh. 

Here’s to Tuesday, February 8, 2011.  Day one without a binge. 

Got H1N1? We do!

Not all of us, but the girl has it. She came home from school early on Friday, complaining about her stomach. By Saturday morning she rocked a lovely 103.3 fever, coughs, and body aches. Sunday morning she was officially diagnosed and sent home with a script for Tamiflu, a mask, and all the humiliation a 15-year-old girl can feel when paraded through a waiting room with said mask on. Fun times.

So far the rest of us are fine, but tired. Thanksgiving break starts next Tuesday at 3:55 pm and it cannot come soon enough!

On the food front I’m doing well, but stress eating calls to me. I’m craving sugar something fierce and am literally taking it one hour at a time. I will do what it takes to beat this!

Until later, peace!