Early Morning Exercise Person? Not me.

Exercise, yes  Early morning?  Not so much.
Dream Designs photo.

Yeah, I am not a 5:30-6 am exercise person.  Maybe by 6:30 I’ll be awake enough not to trip over my own feet.  Maybe.

We don’t all have to get moving this early.  I know how I am, and a morning person I am not.  Trying to
force it makes me resentful and ready to quit.  I won’t focus on what I’m doing, but on how much I hate being up and active other than the usual morning thing.

But that’s okay. Knowing that this isn’t my style is okay.  Trying to force it when I have the option of flexibility is not okay.  Making this time my time to reflect and awaken is good.  Having breakfast (Shakeology with almond & coconut butter, ice, and unsweetened almond milk – noms!) and checking my calendar this morning is more my style. I like to ease into my mornings is I can.  The alternative does not bode well.  For me or anyone in my path.

So why am I up this early?  Hubs is starting a new routine and that means I’m starting one, too. I don’t have to like it, but I am supporting him.  So I’m awake for now.  And working a little.  Kinda.  Checking the calendar and completing a little research isn’t going to kill me.  I don’t think it will, anyway.  Ask me again in a few hours.

Oy, I digress.  How did a discussion on morning exercise turn into something about work?  Oh yeah, I’m not completely awake.  Wow.

Anyway, exercise is important to me.  Whether it’s a walk, strength training, yoga, pt, or sweat time with my fav videos, I need it.  Finding the optimal time for me to exercise mindfully is important.  And the early hour wake-up calls are not optimal for me.  I’m a late morning type.  It’s when I’m more functional, so it’s when I need to move.  The mid-morning or early afternoon coffee break is my sweat time.  I fel better that
way and move better that way.  And don’t want to strangle anyone that way.

So here I am, coming out.  I am not a morning person and that’s okay.

Your turn.  When do you schedule your time to move?  There are not wrong answers; just different ones.

The Power of We

This isn’t my usual type of post, but it is something I think about.  A lot.  I’m a hippie at heart and there is nothing wrong with that.  All we need is love.  Start from that place and the difference will amaze you.

It hurts me to my core to see people torn apart by stupidity and hatred.  I can’t help it.  We as people should have the ability to recognize and celebrate our differences.  We should put aside petty squabbles to help the nation and world heal all year, not just when disaster strikes.  Life should not be an Us vs. Them competition 24/7.   A little competition is good, but come on!

Look at what the power of we can do!  In town, people rallied and adopted over 200 pets from the Charleston Animal Society more than once.  People rallied and helped to find the person who killed two dogs and attempted to kill a third.  Groups come together to clean neighborhoods, build houses, feed others, and so on.  People do not hesitate to give time, money, goods, and good thoughts to help those in need.

We  think of others as our bothers and sisters in need only when they need us.  Let’s try to do it more often.  No money?  Donate time.  No time?  Send good thoughts.  Think you have nothing to give?  Give a few minutes to send good healing thoughts.

More love and less hate.  Hell, less indifference would make the community better.  Don’t think you can save the world?  Don’t reach that far.  Start at home.