I hate doctors. My former doc in particular.


Nice hibachi dinner at Sake House.  Skipping the soy and other sauces
helps keep it gf, but does not guarantee there won’t be cross-contamination.

I’ve been holding back on this post for a while because I’ve been angry. No, not just angry, but dead on pissed off, ready to kick down doors and punch holes in walls. Why? Because for years I’ve been hurting and was told my two docs that I’m just fat and/or not trying hard enough. But something was very wrong and they blew me off because I was overweight. That is unacceptable.

Yes, I was (and still am) heavy, but that is not a sign of laziness or lack of trying to be healthier. I’ve tried on my own and with medical professionals to find out what could be causing some of the problems. My last doc sent me for GI films (and oh man is the Barium smoothie horrendous) and blood tests (twice without telling me to fast first) and prescribed meds left and right. When I told her I was at loss because my weight was not changing and I felt horrid (and still dealing with chronic pain), she said I needed to suck it up a work harder and that I must not be honest about what and how much I was eating. I was counting points and measuring everything. I worked out at Curves, and she said ‘only chubs go there. You need to find a real gym and really work.’ I felt stuck. I had to see a doc for help, but she wasn’t helping me. She was mocking me and blowing off my concerns because I weighed too much. I left that day and did not go back.

The past few months have been particularly bad. My migraine had gotten out of control and the scale refused to budge. My body hurt all over and my stomach was bloated and ached constantly. I had no energy and had trouble sleeping. Just fracking miserable. Veggie eating was not helping me and I kept my calories and fat in check. Nothing seemed to be working. I wanted to crawl into bed and stay there.

I broke down and called a naturopath. She told me to cut gluten because it seemed to her I might have gluten sensitivities. So I started cutting. I didn’t go completely gluten-free, but stated feeling better. I had more energy and a lot less tummy distress. And it seem to be shrinking. The scale still didn’t move, but my clothes were getting looser. Two weeks ago I went completely gf, no cheating. I had multigrain gf bread, muffins, and fantastic vegan and gf cookies from Little Whitney’s Cookies. My energy level skyrocketed, I had no headache all week (for the first time in years), no stomach issues. I ate really well and did not exercise because of a sore ankle. I switched my usual whole wheat flour and pasta for gf options and made no other changes. And I lost 8 pounds and did not have joint pain. My blood pressure was the lowest it had been in years with meds. And I cried. Then I got angry. I’ve been suffering for years and my doctors did not help me. They made me feel like a failure instead of helping me. They had me return often for drugs and abuse.

I’m getting angry all over again. Gah.

As soon as I said screw docs, I’ll do this on my own, I felt a little better. I called a naturopath when what I did stopped working, and she helped me more after one consultation that my former docs did in 8 years. The moral of the story? Trust your gut! You know when something is off, so do not let the doc tell you it’s nothing. Do some research (real research, not fly-by-night stuff), talk to people dealing with whatever you’re dealing with, and go from there.

And once you cut gluten, do not follow my example and allow a cheat day. One meal off track and I’ve been feeling it for days.   Next time I crave a Bloody Mary, I’ll make it at home with Grey Goose and the mixers from scratch.  Owww. 

Killer 2012 Halloween Costume? Check!


It’s never too early to plan for Halloween. 

I love Halloween.

Me & hubs a few years back.
Schoolgirl and her Bad Boy.

What does this have to do with getting healthier?  Halloween makes me happy, and happiness is good for my health.  And besides, Halloween is FUN!  The costumes, the history, the magic of it; I love it all.  While my kids have “outgrown” the holiday, one is still interested in costumes, but only as cosplay and not a one night (or weekend) thing.  Me, I love the idea of celebrating that escape from reality by taking the role of a beloved character.
I usually shop for costume components from the usual department stores and pick up accessories from costume shops.  This time I found what I wanted online at WholesaleHalloweenCostumes.com.  I was offered the opportunity to review the store and received the costume of my choice.  This had no impact on my opinion of the costume or my shopping experience.
After browsing the catalog with certain themes in mind, I found exactly what I wanted.  I found more than one option actually, and had to narrow it down.  I asked the hubby what he liked, but he was as undecided as I was.  Men I tell ya.  This year I decided to go with something reminiscent of Once Upon a Time.  I love that show.  What do you mean you haven’t seen it?  Get thee to Hulu or ABC.com now and watch.  I love Regina.  She is confident, regal, smart, and dark.  She may not be the fan favorite, but it’s not always about popularity for me.
I searched through all of the fairy tale-themed costumes, and final decided on Sultry Sorceress.   I knew I could work it the way I wanted and love that it would show a little leg.  Well, a lot of leg.  Hubby loved the sultry part, as expected.   I placed the order and waited.
Don’t you love it?

Shipping was quicker than expected and I love the costume!  It fits perfectly, and that was something I had concerns about since I’ve had difficulty purchasing plus sizes online in the past.  Hubs grinned when he saw me in it, so that made it even better.  All I have to do now is choose the accessories.  I have a killer pair of boots I’ll wear with it, so all I have to do is select jewelry and make the hair and makeup decisions.   Should I work my hair or go with a wig?  How exactly will I do my eyes?    Now that I have the costume, I have plenty of time to decide.  I think the Coffin Clutch Handbag just might work, too.  If not with my costume, just in general.  Love it!  

Love these sleeves!

Thank you, WholesaleHalloweenCostumes.com

Take a look at their inventory today.  They have costumes for all sizes and ages, and the prices are awesome!  
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