Harmony Valley Mixes and my Food Network Addiction


You know me.  You know I love to cook and have to please the omni family while making meals healthy, colorful, and veggie.  Because I don’t always have the time to block 1-2 hour cooking sessions, most meals have to be quick.  Harmony Valley Foods helped cut down cooking time and made the omni man and boy happy at dinner and breakfast.  

I was sent two packages of Harmoney Valley to try, and both resuted in kitchen success!  I cannot tell you
how much I enjoyed them.

I am a Food Network Addict.  I freely admit it to anyone who asks.  On weekends, I set my DVR to record my favorite shows so  can catch up during the week.  I don;t always watch all of the shows.  I watch the intros and see if the family or I would be interested in any of the on-screen goodness and to see if I can veganize any of it.  Aarti Parti is one of my favorite shows.  Not only is Aarti a doll, her food looks amazing.  Hubster and I love Indian food, so learning from Aarti’s show is a must see.  Keeping food prep time manageable is also required most days.

A few weeks ago, Aarti made Kheema, a quick-cooking dish with ground beef and peas. While beef is out of the question, vegan beef crumbles are not.  Usually I make my own crumbles by seasoning TVP, but I was out of some of my ‘beef’ stock ingredients.  Harmony Valley Foods’ Hamburger Style mix was perfect.  I added cold water to the mix and threw it in the fridge.  The instructions say to refrigerate for 15 minutes before cooking, but it was much longer than that.  The dogs can be particularly cute when I’m cooking and I was distracted and watched them for a while.

I pulled out the rehydrated mix and went to cooking.  The recipe took 25 minutes from the minute I put
the onions in the skillet and made the house smell yummy. I forgot to take a picture of the finished dish
topped with cilantro because once I tasted it, I was ready to eat.  No need for stinking cilantro.  Cilantro,

baby, I still love you.  It was tender and much more like ground beef than my usual TVP blend. And the bonus was that it took took less time than my usual route.  The Hamburger Mix and Kheema recipes are keepers!

A few days later, the craving for biscuits with sausage gravy made me a mad woman, so I whipped some up.  The biscuits came from The Joy of Vegan Baking, and the sausage gravy was my own recipe with Harmony Valley Sausage Mix instead of my usual Gimmie Lean.  I loved it!  The texture was more like the sausage I loved back in the day, but so much better since it’s cruelty-free.  And the flavor was spot on!  I had it for breakfast, lunch the next day, and breakfast on the third day.  I still have a little waiting for me in the freezer.

Harmoney Valley mixes can be found on the dry goods store shelves (near the rice) and online.  And a Classic Hummus mix is next on tap!  Have I mentioned that one of my first vegan experiments included falafel and hummus mixes?

Anyway, pick up some HV and save some time in the kitchen.  And watch Aarti Party!  I’ll be doing both.


Full moon on Monday


Instead of a new moon – any of my 80s music fans get it?  Dating myself?  I thought as much.

So I’ve been back to counting points and doing what I need to do for one month now.  I lost 4 pounds before the vegan kickstart and 3 pounds in the first week of the kickstart.  7 pounds in a month!  The last time I lost that much, I was working out hardcore without changing my eating plan.  Can you imagine how well I’ll do while eating right?  That’s all I’ve been doing for the most part, just eating right and getting on 2 days of decent exercise.

This WAHM is happy!

I need to get these headaches in check before I kick up the exercise regimen.  I feel like crap when I have one (like today) and cannot function much more than the minimal amount when one is really working me.  But that’s another post.

Dinner is ready to roll – leftovers and the family will deal with it, bread is in the machine, and the first gallon of tea is ready.  Yes, the family takes out 3/4 to a gallon of iced tea a day in addition to water and coffee.  I’m still having just one cup of joe a day.

Is it just me or am I rambling?

Anyway, until next time.

Killer Migraines


I get them and have one right now.  Hormones are holding me hostage a minimum of six days a month, every month.  This is a new one for me – day four.  Stress is keeping this one active and nothing I’ve done to relax has done much to ease it.  Ugh.

I wish to crawl into a hole, but that’s not possible right now.  I have an assignment to work on and have a project for a client.  The floor replacement has to wait again.  The dishwasher isn’t the culprit – not our dishwasher, anyway.  The one that came with the house wasn’t working and probably caused the problem. That’s a relief, but still a headache until it’s taken care of.

That’s it for now.